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plastic strap

Secures packages and pallets
Of course, PP does not stand for packages and pallets, but for polypropylene, the standard plastic most often used after PET. However, it could be true, because polypropylene straps are used to secure small packages and light pallet loads.
Therefore, we often come upon PP in our private lives, for example when we order from mail-order companies or buy products from electronics stores.
Particularly in the second example, it is noticeable that even very small packages such as those of smartphones or cameras are secured with PP strap. PP strap is therefore not only used to secure the goods in terms of stability, but also to prevent unwanted opening of the outer packaging and theft of the product it contains.
The PP strap from TITAN stands for security in everyday life.

Technical Data
Dimensions from 9 x 0.70 mm to 16 x 0.83 mm
from 3/8 x 0.028'' to 5/8 x 0.033'
Breaking load ≥ 200 - 300 N/mm2
≥ 29,008 to 43,511psi
Breaking load approx. up to 5,000 N I 1,124 lbf
elongation (A5) min approx. ≥ 12 up to 20 %
Surface smooth, textured
Winding oscillated wound
Form of delivery skid pallets, frames for jumbo coils, special skids on request
Quality Management Our quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
Roll sizes Standard-roll 25 kg I 55 lbs
Jumbo-roll 75 kg I 165 lbs
Superjumbo-roll 150 kg I 330 lbs
Megajumbo-roll 400 kg I 881 lbs