Fast forward to the future
If you are already thinking about tomorrow, the VS12-LE heads from TITAN are the right choice. This head meets all requirements of the industrial future.

The electrical operation with servo drives sets the course for digitisation that finds its way into strapping technology. The VS12-LE-LD is designed for light duty strapping applications in the steel strapping segment with 13 to 19 mm strap width.
The tool sets a considerable pace: A high cycle sequence and a strap feeding speed of up to 3.6 m per second ensure efficient time management.
The VS12-LE-LD is ready for networking.

Technical Data
Kind of drive Electric
Tension force 1,000 - 10,000 N (adjustable)
Control voltage 24 V
Welding voltage
400 V ; 460 V
Strap conveying speed approx. 11.8 ft/s with 0.02 - 0.031" strap thickness
Dimensions 16.1 x 17.7 x 22.4" (L x W x H)
Weight 264.5 lb
Gas consumption approx. 2 l per seal
Temperature range
(Hot / Cold)
Type of strap Steel strap
Strap Automatenband
Strap width 1/2" ; 5/8" ; 3/4"
Strap thickness 0.02 - 0.025"
Kind of seal TIG welding joint
Sealing strength
(depending on strap quality, strap dimensions)
up to 80 - 90% of the strap breaking load
Minimum bearing area
Expansive package 2.8"
Slit coil ring 3.2"
Hexagon pipe bundle 3.3"
Round package Ø 15.7"
Bundling, stacking and securing of packages such as slit coils, sheet packages, structural timber, profile bundles etc.